Flaunt “that” Body in “that” Skirt!

Different people – different personalities. Different countries – different cultures. But when we talk about fashion, there’s not a far difference in the trends that are being followed by all the different people around the globe.

tulip skirt

Today we will talk about what the different body types of women are and what the best skirts would fit those body types. Although you always have the discretion to wear the most comfortable clothes, specifically skirts, that you want to wear, this is just a guide that wouldn’t hurt a bit in your fashion lifestyle. You don’t need to buy exorbitant apparels or have the perfect beach body type to wear the skirt of your liking. All you just need to know is the A and the B of how choosing the best skirt would work with your specific body type.

There are a number of body types indicated in different fashion articles or fashion books out there; however, today we want to show you four body types and its best corresponding skirt choices. Below is a brief description of each body type and its best matching skirt style.

Banana Shaped Body /    Ruler Shape – this body type has no obvious size difference between the hips and busts and it projects a straight/boyish appearance. This body shape goes well with maxi skirts and/or pencil skirts. It is time to veer away from the common impression that maxi skirts are best left for taller fashionistas when in fact they are actually a great way to give the illusion that you’re taller than the charts may say. When picking the perfect maxi dress, you must always remember that the shorter you are, the slimmer the skirt should be to avoid an overbearing appearance.

Apple Body Shape – this body type shows broader shoulders compared to the narrow hips. This body shape goes well with maxi skirts for added shape and balance. Also opt for a high waisted maxi to help achieve a visually elongated look.  Try a flared maxi for added shape and balance. This goes for both Apple and Banana Body Shapes, too – you can go with a lightweight fabric in lighter hues for a classically chic ensemble.

Pear Body Shape – this body type shows that the hips are larger than the shoulders. This body shape goes perfectly well with high waisted skirts, specifically tulip skirts. You can check this site out where my favorite and latest tulip skirt trends are at http://www.result.ly/Search/tulip%20skirt. A pear body shape also matches with a professional pencil skirt and try it with a slit to draw attention to your legs and away from your midsection.

Hourglass Shape – this body type shows the shoulders and hips are almost equal in size separated by a narrow waist. This body shape goes effortlessly well with professional pencil skirts and high waisted skirts. The latter’s cinched style will offer a slender appearance while masking the dreaded belly bulge.

tulip skirt

As easy as knowing the A – your body type and knowing the B – the best matching skirts with each body type, then you’re already ready to flaunt “that” body in “that” skirt!

To know more body types together with their best skirt, you can also click here. Enjoy!

Lucite Heels: The Next Generation’s Cinderella Shoes

Whenever I see this shoes back in style, I always get transported to when I would dream of being Cinderella wearing those cute glass slippers. Now, I can have my glass heels but with a fancier shoe design. I wonder, what if Cinderella lived in this era, would she have given the fairy godmother the exact dress and shoes that she wants to wear in the ball? I am pretty sure the Lucite heels will be on her wish list.

Sorry, about that. I guess there are some fairy tales that you can never grow old from. Every time this shoe design is out, I always try and make sure that I update my collection as well. My previous pair is a total wreck as I have been using it as much as I can – to work, when I go out with friends and dates.

I know right? My friends did actually ask if I only have one pair of shoes left in my closet. I just laughed.

After work, I went straight to my computer and started searching for that perfect pair. Lo and behold, I think I already fell in love all over again. My first stop was in Ebay and there it was the tan colored wide ankle strap with a clear Lucite heel. Like counting numbers over my head, I have already paired it with the work pieces that I have in my wardrobe. These shoes can go well with my dress pants, dress or skirt.

lucite heels

The wide ankle strap will give my feet a sexy look. The clear heels will make it look like I am tiptoeing which I bet will cause women in my department do a double turn on me while I walk.

Another great online site for Lucite heels is the Resultly app. You get a lot of choices on this site. I like the green Dianne Von Furstenburg Lucite heels. The green on this sandal is bright which makes the heel stand out a bit more than usual.

I can pair it off with a white dress or jeans with probably a top from the same color family of the shoes.

If you do not like showing off your toes but would still want to try this style, you can opt for the Vic Matie Lucite heel booties.

lucite heels

Again, the black color makes the clear heels stand out.

I am sorry if I sound like a sales representative of these shoes. I guess it just goes to show how much I adore them and would want you to love them too. Isn’t that what we, girlfriends do? We influence once another. LOL!
So, which one did you choose?

Your Heart in Your Sweater

I have always been amazed with how we (cough) women can make our men do and wear everything we want on Valentine’s Day. I see couples wearing matching tops or totally matching outfits (from head to foot, literally) to commemorate the day of when cupid has plunked his arrow to your special someone.

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of these heart sweaters being worn by women as a fashion statement. While browsing through pictures, I saw this cute photo of Taylor Swift wearing a Talbot’s heart sweater at E! online website. Not wanting to distract the focus on her sweater, Taylor has played down her pants and accessories by meshing it with the colors of her top. I have to say; Taylor is beginning to be a fashionista, which most teens and even women in there 30s follow.

This trend has slowly picked up and I have seen great heart sweater pieces here. They have Forever 21, J. Crew and Express to name a few. Since this is a sweater, you can either wear it with an inner garment or not, depending on how you want to style yourself.

I like this sweater worn by Gwyneth Paltrow.

heart sweater

It is not your typical sweater because it has a longer back. This is a perfect sweater for jeans. You have the option to either wear an inner garment or not. If I will be wearing this sweater, I think I will wear a tank top inside. The long back is kind of a cute accent for the sweater however if you really are feeling chilly, a collared polo shirt can be worn to either tuck in at the back with the front sides revealed or totally tuck the shirt out to reveal the layering that you have created.

For those who think that having too much hearts can be overwhelming, I have seen a sweater that sports only one big heart in the middle. I like this J. Crew Intarsia Heart sweater that I have found in Ebay . The color might be blah for you but I like the fact that the heart is not perfect. It is a bit arch to the upper right. It has that certain appeal for me.

Now, what if there were matching couple heart sweaters? I know… this took my interest and decided to look if there is any. I was only able to find one (poor guy).

heart sweater

Not that I am eager for my guy to wear hearts but I was able to find a Burberry heart sweater worn by a man! Mail Online had showcased a Burberry mini-me collection that included this sweater. There you have it girls. If this is way too much for your budget, I suggest sticking with matching outfits for now (*wink*).

The NYE Sparkly Dress Alternative

I know every New Year’s Eve every store, magazine, celebrity, and friend is telling you to buy a sequin or sparkly dress, however this year I’m going to take you on the back route and tell you how to shine without the dress. My Alternative? Sequin Leggings! We all know that leather leggings are in right now. Everyone from Kristin Cavallari to the girl you sit next to in class could tell you that. So why not change things up a bit this year, stay warm when you’re standing in line waiting to be let into the club and look hot while doing so. I’m going to show you some of my favorite options and then tell you how to put it all together and pull the look off!

So let’s start with the obvious, shall we?

sequin leggingssequin leggingssequin leggingssequin leggings

The four options you see above each take a different take on the night. When it comes to this choice for bottoms, you need to take two things into account: color and style. As you can see the silver, gold, navy blue, and of course black are now trending. You really can’t go wrong with any color as they all look great, but the rest of your outfit needs to be planned around it. As for the style of legging, you can either go jogger or skinny. I personally love both looks and I think both would look fab for NYE, however for the sake of most people not knowing how to dress up a jogger, I’m going to use those as my example. So for starters they’re from New York & Company. As for finding more options check out this search I already made for y’all here.

Ok so you’ve got your joggers, now you need a top. I’m gonna go with a crop top because you’re covering up the legs and you’re going for the more loose route.

crop top


I’m voting for black because it is super easy to pair with the boldness of the gold pants. I love this one because it’s sexy, off the shoulder, and hits your stomach at the perfect spot to show a smidgen of skin just before your pants hit it.  I found this one at Charlotte Russe.

As for shoes, any time I wear joggers I go with a pointy heel. My two favorite options for a pointy heel are either with the strap around your ankle or without. I don’t recommend thick straps as I think they’re chunky and ugly, but a cute thing one is always classy. As for color, I say play with it! You can always go with a black , tan, or red heel to keep it safe. But you could also go with a wacky one to mix things up like these Steve Madden ones:



I hope you liked my NYE outfit alternative! Have a happy and safe new year :)

Do the Women at Department Store Cosmetic Counters Know What They are Doing?

For many women, one of the most luxurious and enjoyable experiences pertaining to make up is getting makeup done at a cosmetic counter. These counters are typically located in the glamorous department stores located at the mall. The scent of perfume and femininity is in the air and an atmosphere designed to pamper a woman is in everywhere. If you have ever considered getting your makeup done at a cosmetic counter or if you have actually gone through with it, one of the main things you may have asked yourself if the woman at the counter really knows what she is doing. Below is an overview answering that question.

Traditional Training


One thing to understand is that cosmeticians are not trained by the company that they work for. For instance, if you are the Channel counter, the woman working there was not specifically trained by Channel on how to apply makeup. The truth of the matter is that department store cosmeticians are trained by traditional beauty schools either in the area of elsewhere. To attain a job as a cosmetician at a department store, all one really need is some experience in applying cosmetics and a valid degree from a accredited school.

Average Information

The next element to consider is where department store cosmeticians get their information. While it is true that many cosmeticians also gain pertinent and useful information about the products and their application from the companies that they work for, it is also the case that the cosmetician uses outside sources. These outside sources can include online tutorials, books, and even other women that they work with. Therefore, the information that a cosmetician has is very accessible to the public. The only type of information that may be difficult to attain is that pertaining to a specific product.


Lastly, while the cosmetician is responsible for applying makeup, you should also keep in mind that another major responsibility that the cosmetician has is to sell. A cosmetician’s ability to sell a product is the main purpose of the job and it also lends itself to the pay scale of the cosmetician. Therefore, it may very well be the case that many cosmeticians have great experience in sales than in an ability to apply makeup and to inform you about makeup products that may work well for you and your needs.

Five Types of Dresses Which Never Go Out of Style

Everyone looking for something to wear isn’t always looking for the most trendy pieces but many still want to look fashion forward. Some looks will always be timeless and never go out of style and even though mini skirts and cutout dresses may be fun and in style right now these five, fabulous dress types will always stand the test of time and should be kept as closet staples.

A Little Black Dress
You can wear it to weddings, dinners, parties, work, just about everywhere. One of the most well known types of dress that every woman should own is the little black dress, LBD. You can dress it up with simply a necklace and heels or make it casual with a cardigan and boots. Whatever you want to do the options are endless.

A-Line Dress

dressesSo called because its style resembles the letter A, this feminine style dress is narrow at the shoulders and flares out from the waist to the hem of the skirt. It is a style that looks great on everyone and dates back all the way to 1955 so it’s definitely not going anywhere.

 Wrap Dress

Not only is the wrap dress an incredibly figure flattering dress it is perfect for both the work environment and everyday errands. This dress found a revival in fashion when Diane Von Furstenberg launched her famous wrap dress line and since then it’s been a wrap on its status as a dress that will never grow old. It has long sleeves, slides on like a robe and closes by wrapping one side across the other.

Maxi Dress

A floor-length dress can be both a daring and a casual look all depending on what you pair it with. For a more a casual feel you can pair it with sandals and minimal accessories and for a more dressy appearance you can pair it with heels and bold makeup. They are perfect for women of all sizes and shapes.

Peplum Dress

The peplum dress is great for those with broad shoulders because it flares out at the hips helping to balance your shape and make broad shoulders appear narrower. It is also the perfect choice for women with hourglass shapes as well as those without because it helps to accentuate your figure and create curves.

One of the main reasons why staple items like these five dresses should be a part of every woman’s closet is because they are universally flattering to all body shapes. These classic essentials will not only help you build a wardrobe that’s always in style but one that has the key pieces you need to create tons of looks for every occasion.

Can’t Afford Boutiques? Macy’s Is Always A Good Alternative

Macy’s is one of the nation’s premiere retailers that oversees both the Macy’s and Bloomingdale brands. There are around 840 retail stores open in the United States, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Customers can visit retail locations or go online to Macys.com and Bloomingdales.com to purchase high quality fashion at excellent prices. The company employs around 172,500 individuals in their diverse workforce. The brand’s name is synonymous with classic American style and will always be known for how it made several innovations to the retail industry.

The History Of Macy’s

macyMacy’s Department Store started out as a small dry goods store on the corner of 14th Street and 6th Avenue in New York City. The store opened in 1858 and would later go on to be one of the largest retailers in the industry.

Following several failed attempts in the retail industry, the brand’s found Rowland Hussey Macy launched R.H. Macy & Co. and added the trademark red star as a symbol of his days as a sailor. The first day sales for Macy’s came to a grand total of $11.06, however by the end of the year, the sales grossed to an estimated $85,000.

Macy’s is known for completing several first in the retail industry including being the first retailer to promote a female to an executive position. They created the one-price system where the same item was sold to every customer for one flat price, and they also were the first to quote specific prices for products in their newspaper ads. Macy’s was first to introduce products such as the tea bag, the Idaho baked potato, and colored bath towels. They were also the very first retailer to hold a NYC liquor license.

In 1924, Macy’s immigrant employs celebrated their new American heritage by organizing the very first Macy’s Christmas Parade. It featured floats, animals from the zoo and musical bands. This began the honored tradition that we now know as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Macy’s Is Still The Go-To Place For Affordable Fashion

While it has been a staple in New York City practically since the store opened its doors, Macy’s is still one of the places to go when you want quality clothing at affordable prices. The brand is constantly trying to reinvent themselves by adding new technology inside their stores to cater to today’s high tech minded customers. There are kiosks located throughout their departments that allows them to expand their assortment of items in key categories. They are also improving search capabilities and product recommendations on their websites for Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s. In 2014, Macy’s was named as one of the 10 Most Innovative Retailers in the World, showing everyone that they still have what it takes to stay on top.

How To Save A Bundle On Women’s Clothes

It’s no secret: women’s clothes can be extremely expensive. The truth is, you shouldn’t have to spend a ton of money to look great and stylish. Every woman deserves to look fashionable with whatever womens clothes she chooses to wear, especially on a budget. Rather than go out and buy those expensive fashion items, there are ways that you can easily save a bundle on the clothing that you buy. To help you save, below are a few tips to help you out that will ensure that you stay within your budget and that you will also look great at the same time.

Thrift Stores

womens clothes

One of the most ideal ways to save money on fashionable clothing is to check thrift stores first. Thrift stores are not going to have the latest items on the runway, but what you will find is clothes that are timeless pieces for every woman. You’ll usually be able to find high-end vintage scarves, jackets, dresses, and more. You’ll also be able to spend less for these items, which means that you will be able to stay within your budget and look very stylish at the same time.

Outlet Malls

The next option is to check out outlet malls in your area. Outlet malls are not like traditional malls, but they usually do have the same stores that you will find in traditional malls. The main difference is that outlet malls receive the overstock from regular malls and the factories, which means that the overstock can be discounted a great deal. Therefore, when you shop at an outlet mall, you can get the latest women’s clothes at a discounted price. Aside from clothing, you’ll also be able to find purses, accessories, and so much more.


Finally, another great option that you have at your disposal is online retailers. Usually online retailers will post great deals online that cannot be found in stores. When you use online retailers, you want to make sure that you are choosing stores that are going to give you free or discounted shipping and that also have a return policy just in case you don’t like what you buy. If you do choose stores that do not discount shipping and that do not have a return policy, you are running the risk of buying an item that will ruin your budget.

Overall, with these options, you can stay fashionable and on a budget. These tips work great year around and no matter where you are.

You Can Buy Dior-Branded Merchandise Almost Anywhere These Days

Dior is one of the most popular brands in the world. Its sales gross millions of dollars per year and some of the most famous celebrities in the world are the face of the company’s advertisements. A few speciality products include its perfumes, clothing, and shoes. If you are considering purchasing yourself a product from this company, you may not want to go directly to the store and purchase it at the high price that it is set at. Fortunately, there are many options that you can choose from to get the brand’s merchandise nearly anywhere.

Outlet Malls


The first and most popular option, especially for economical prices, are outlet malls. Outlet malls, while mostly popular in the 90s, are still great options to get brand name products, include this brand’s. Depending on where you live, you can conduct a search that will inform you if an outlet mall near you has the brand’s store. If it does, then you can expect to find the exact same brand products that you’d find elsewhere, only at a discounted price. The reason behind this discount is the outlet store mainly provides products based on overstock.


The next option is online stores. Rather than spend your time searching though stores in your area, you can save your money on case and your energy and simply look online. There are dozens of online stores that offer the brand’s most popular products that are on the market today. In addition to current pieces by the brand, you will also be able to sometimes find more vintage pieces. If you’re lucky, the products that you find online will also be fairly priced and mostly close to what you would find in the store itself.

Consignment Shops

The next option is consignment shops. Consignment shops are where you can find all kinds of high-quality brands, including this brand. Consignment shops stores that operate on trade-in items, therefore the item that you find will mostly be second hand. But don’t worry, these shops only sell high-quality merchandise that reflects the quality of the brand.


Overall, you don’t need to spend a great deal of time and energy looking for this brand’s product. These days, you can find the brand’s products nearly anywhere, from online to stores near you. This makes shopping for what you are looking for much easier and very convenient.